Keto Coffee

I usually don’t do dairy, but this is an exception. This is for the time poor mornings that everyone tells me they have. I sometimes don’t feel like breakfast, and I am out the door at 530/6am either surfing, working or heading to uni.

They are a great way to ease into fasting and supply you with so much needed energy (especially with some regular coffee) and brain function (the mushroom extract helps also)! Good quality fat does not make you fat, in fact, it is the most satiating and energising source of fuel for your body, reduces brain fog, assists in weight loss, reduces inflammation and can reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes. So dig in!

Keto Coffee



You can wiz all these up in a blender, heat over a stove or if you have a thermomix - 80 degrees, speed 3 for 3 min - then wiz it on speed 8 for the last 30 seconds to make it creamy!