Grow Your Hair Naturally

I get a lot of people asking where I get my hair done, how does it get so long and what products do I use?

 Roy Byrne Photography

Roy Byrne Photography

Well, first of all, I’m scared of hair-dresses, not the people, but sitting in that chair freaks me out.

I think a lot of girls find that their hair shows who they are. We have some weird attachment to it and is very defining to our personalities. I have had so many bad experiences where they have literally given me some sort of mullet, new technique trick or new look…no, just no.

So I stick by some simple rules.

Drop in every 6 months

I actually only go to the hairdressers every 6 months if I’m lucky - not sure about you, but that 6 weeks rules was a waste of money for me and I thought it was just a money scheme. I drop into the guys at EverEscents Organic Hair in Coolum. Not only do I trust their products to be chemical and paraben free. They are certified organic and actually listen to you. The other place I like is Suite 3 up in Buderim - they are fabulous.


Use good organic products

I can express this enough! Certified organic EverEscents Shampoo and conditioner. I swear by these guys. They are the the first products that actually don’t put a layer of chemicals on your skull, are cruelty free and vegan friendly. Some cheap shampoos/conditioners over time wouldn’t work on my hair and I found my self switching a lot…well these guys don’t do that! I use the de-tangler before I go in the water as a protectant - its my favourite.

Internal eating for external results

Gelatine has many many benefits for the skin and nails. A lot of research, top models, health advocates and the wellness industry swear by it. Its made up of amino acids needed for skin health, nails and hair (also aids in hormone regulation and weight loss). It’s highly nourishing for the body and has been traditionally made from the animal parts that get forgotten. No wastage! I use this organic, grass feed one. And there are plenty of recipes here.

Coconut oil

I use coconut oil on the ends of my hair. Not all the hair, just the ends! But it works wonders when I have had a long day in the sun surfing. I consume it and externally apply it, this product is one great super food.


I have never dyed my hair, and I am have surfed for the past 5 years everyday nearly. I’m not sure I encourage that, but I encourage natural resources rather than a $300 bill in one day for some chemicals. So add a little lemon juice to your hair next time you go to the beach.

Long Hair Goals