Tailored specifically for you or your family

Each plan comes with a shopping list, time specific options, servings and exact amounts in order to meet your requirements.

Diet Type

Vegan, pegan, paleo, vegetarian, pescatarian, low FODMAP, plant based, keto, LCHF, anti-inflammatory and more. You name it and I can adapt to it. Made perfectly for you and choices!


Meal Plans and ideas for those who have maybe 1 - many intolerance and allergies. Don’t worry, there is always something that can be made for you.



We know it’s hard to make those lunch boxes healthy, easy and actually something that the kids will like. Did I mention that its has to be nut free and unprocessed. Wether it be less than 10 ingredients or less than 10 minutes to make, let make this easy.

Disease/condition specific

Each disease sometimes requires more of a particular nutrient for anti-inflammatory benefits, liver detoxification, estrogen clearance, immune enhancing, iron deficiency and more. This is a great way to finally know exactly what you need to eat in order to support your body in the healing process.

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